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Welcome to Paffg which is Porn Affiliates Guide helping adult webmasters in the adult industry. Paffg attempts to cover most aspects of the adult industry especially for affiliates whether it is affiliate programs for vod, dating, webcams, live streaming and more. Our affiliate programs directories break everything down into the categories you are looking for and providing quick information about their commission rates. The individual affiliate program reviews provide the most amount of detail to help webmasters decide which programs they should work with.

At Paffg you can find information and resources that you need all in one spot such as seo help, seo guides, seo consultants, content writers, graphic designers, programmers, marketing conferences and more. Whether you are a new affiliate or an existing one we want to help you make more money.

We also have an affiliate coaching section to help new affiliates accelerate their business from experienced webmasters. We also list promotions and contests from affiliate programs plus we run our own from time to time to give added value for our webmasters.

Promote with PartnerCash

PartnerCash is the affiliate program for which is the world’s first interactive video porn site!

Online Dating Summit 2012

Attend the Online Dating Summit in Barcelona, Spain.

the European Summit 2012

The European Summit takes place in Barcelona, Spain March 5th to 8th, 2012. Attend one of the most popular adult business conferences.

German ‘porn pirates’ to be named

In Germany the laws are different than the US or UK and that means porn pirates could be named from a German Law firm.

Luka Magnotta arrested in Germany

Luka Magnotta is finally arrested in Berlin Germany. The porn actor is arrested for a murder in Canada.

Manwin endures more hacking as Digital Playground has 40,000 credit cards stolen

Manwin endures another hack as hackers steal user data and 40,000 credit card numbers. The site Digital Playground has been taken offline as a result.

.xxx domains created by ICANN for profits

Perhaps .xxx domains are here to stay. They appear to have been more a money grab by ICANN and .xxx domains don’t seem to be anything special unless you are in the business of trading domains for profits.

European Summit interview with Andreas Bischoff

Interview with Andreas Bischoff, organizer of the European Summit and the Online Dating Summit.

Graphic Design Interview, Jey P from

Read our exclusive interview with Jey P from We discuss their recent GFY Award for Best Design Studio and talk about design inspiration and clientsfromhell.

Affiliate Contests & Promotion

Upcoming Marketing Conferences

  • XBIZ LA 2012 Jan 9-11, 2012
    Los Angeles, USA

  • Online Dating Summit Mar 2-5, 2012
    Barcelona, Spain

  • the European Summit Mar 5-8, 2012
    Barcelona, Spain

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