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sarah fleshlightSarah from the Fleshlight Network affiliate program discusses her new role as affiliate manager and what it is like to work for the Fleshlight company.

What is it like working for Fleshlight and FNCash?

Working for Fleshlight is amazing. In the more than a decade that I have worked in the adult industry, I have never encountered a company where the positive energy was so infectious. Everybody from the graphics designers, to the product developers and right on to the marketing team are just full of creative energy and a pride to be part of Team Fleshlight. We all know we work at an amazing place and not only do we want to keep it amazing but we collectively strive to make it even better.

Tell us your thoughts about Fleshlight selling over 4 million units lifetime and did the global news coverage help to boost sales?

First and foremost it is a testimony to the vision of our leader, Steve Stubin. We all know that sex sells but what Steve saw was that a man’s hand was not the next best thing to an actual woman, or in the case of the Fleshjack a man. No, in the terms of male masturbation, Steve essentially did reinvent the wheel. Now, there is a certain age group of adult men – shall we call them Generation Fleshlight – that when they think of jerking off they reach for their Fleshlight or Fleshjack instead of spitting into their palm. That is why we have soared past the 4 million because having a Fleshlight has is no longer a novelty but is more akin to a lifestyle tool.

When do you think FNCash will hit 5 million units sold?

It looks like we should be busting through the 5 millionth Fleshlight sold somewhere before the middle of the new year.

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Why do you think the Fleshlight has become the best selling male sex toy over the hundreds of other products on the market?

Simply because a Fleshlight is the next best thing to having sex with a real woman. At first, guys might have been buying one as a joke. Then, they actually used one to jerk off and they couldn’t help to spread the word. Next thing the world knew, not only were these guys spreading the word about Fleshlight but they were buying their second and third of their own.

What are some of the better selling Fleshlight products?

Right now, the Fleshlight Girls that are are modeled after real individual pornstars are selling like crazy. Also, the whole Fleshjack range is lighting up the gay market like nothing seen before.

Do you see more sales during the Christmas holiday season?

Sales of Fleshlight and Fleshjack products always increase around the holiday season. We suspect this year will be extra busy though because of a few hush hush projects we will be bringing out closer to the time.

What should affiliates expect when working with FNCash?

Fleshlight is the number one selling male sex toy in the world. Our aim is to make Fleshlight Network Cash the number one sex toy affiliate program. Any affiliate that signs up to promote Fleshlight and Fleshjack will be privy to some of the most personable and professional affiliate support around. We honestly want out affiliates to do the best they possibly can because we know that Team Fleshlight isn’t just made up of the folks the walk the halls of Fleshlight HQ but also the thousands of affiliates that promote Fleshlight Network Cash.

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